My name is Daniel Argento and I am a graphic artist from São Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve been fascinated by stories and drawings since I was a little boy, so I started to study art from an early age. Soon I became a technician in Graphic Design and, a few years later, I graduated as a Social Communicator with a specialization in Publishing from the University of São Paulo.

In 2017, I decided to dedicate my career to the arts and become a graphic artist. From then, my work focused exploring black and white aesthetic and the mood of weirdness and mystery.

Today I create illustrations and other content for books, magazines, newspapers and projects by companies and individual clients which want to send powerful messages to people and the world. I also own the publishing house Sentido Figurado, which is dedicated to publishing Brazilian independent writers and, in the future, my personal comics.

If you have a good idea or story and think I can help make it real, send me a message. It’ll a pleasure to help!

Daniel Argento by Daniel Argento

I’m available for freelance jobs and private art commissions. If you’d like me to work on your project, send an e-mail to or text me on Telegram.

Also follow me on Instagram for news and updates about my work.

Thanks for the visit, see you soon!