My name is Daniel Argento and I am a graphic artist from São Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve always been fascinated by stories and drawings, so I started studying arts from an early age. After a few years, in 2011, I graduated in Social Communication with specialization in Publishing from the University of São Paulo.

Today, I work with the creation of illustrations and content for books, magazines, internet and private clients. I am the owner of the independent publisher Sentido Figurado and I am developing my first comic book.

My main subjects and influences are the fantastic, the grotesque, the mystery and the horror, but also the unusual contrast of all this with beautiful women and elegant or cute animals. Still, what motivates me the most is the challenge and the opportunity to tell a new and surprising story.

If you have a story and think I can help make it real, send me a message!

Daniel Argento by Daniel Argento


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